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Private Health Insurance for Businesses

Private Health Insurance for Businesses

Medical Insurance is at the forefront of many company’s business model, massively improving staff attrition for what can be a minimal cost.

All types of businesses are recognising that providing employees with company health insurance is a cost effective way of adding value to a pay package which both helps in recruitment and the retention of existing staff.

More importantly if an employee were to become unwell, the quick and efficient care that health insurance provides can help them back to health and back into work, thus reducing financial loss to the company.

Because not every business is the same one policy will not suit all. Whether you’re a one-man band, a small to medium enterprise or a corporate giant we can tailor a policy to match your requirements.

Things to consider

  • Do you want your staff to be able to choose when and where they can receive treatment?
  • What benefits are most important to you and your staff?
  • How much are you looking to pay?
  • Would your staff be happy to contribute i.e. pay an excess to reduce monthly cost?

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